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tv   The Five  FOX News  January 10, 2013 5:00pm-6:00pm EST

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>> i am in the process of minting a-$1 trillion coin. >> because if you watch fbn you have several. trying to help you. that doesn't appear to be going anywhere. >> it could. demand it. fox business network. >> andrea: hello. i'm andrea tantaros with kimberly guilfoyle, bob beckel, eric bolling, dana perino. it's 5:00 in new york city. this is "the five." ♪ ♪ >> andrea: the administration is moving very quickly to regulate guns in america. vice president biden announced today he will give the president his recommendations by tuesday. they're wrapping up more meetings. biden met with the nra and will sit down with some people in the entertainment industry this evening. interestingly, the vice president isn't even sure if their proposals will do anything to solve the actual
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problem. >> if you look at the tragic events that garner aid tension hard to pinpoint what you could have done to ensure it would haven't happened. >> andrea: okay. i know that d.c. likes to look like they are always doing something, but eric, if he doesn't sure what he is doing will result in something successful, why are they racing to do it? >> eric: they have to do it. they have to sit down with the nra and others on the right. it's interesting what they're doing with the retail outlet, wal-mart, dick's sporting good and bass pro shops and the other ones. they will go after this to say here is a great opportunity to you guys, we'll give it to you to do the background check and give it to you to sell things we don't want sold at gun shows. they think they will bring the business to them. get those groups on board. if you have wal-mart and bass pro shoppous have a conservative shopper there. it's an interesting tactic. make a quick point.
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the obama administration is selectively picks its issues it wants to go after and the one it doesn't. arizona decided they had their own immigration law. the department of justice says no, no, you can't do that. we'll sue you. arizona sues arizona. they will enforce the federal law, not the arizona law. pot in colorado, pot in washington state, you have your own law there. we'll look the other way on your law there. because they don't care about it. >> andrea: california. >> eric: not so much california. but the point they want guns. they want to go after guns so they will find a way, find an tissue go and really beef up the gun control. >> andrea: they also shrekively picked their allies, bob, right? >> bob: what administration doesn't pick issues they want to go after? >> eric: it esegregious. >> andrea: what about their allies? remember we listened to the left say wal-mart was evil, terrible now. they're partnering up with them? the nra was at the meeting today. they put out a statement. i know you have thoughts on it. here is what they said. we were disappointed with how it will the meeting had to do
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with keeping children safe and how much with an agenda to attack the second amendment. i think they have a point here. that is because after the colorado shooting the administration did nothing, because it was before an election. now they are scrambling to act like this is the excuse. >> dana: they did go out of their way in the election not to talk about it and said the president is comfortabl comforth the second amendment. in the presidential debate there was not a question to romney nor obama about gun control. i do think that the white house in some ways being a bully when it comes to -- they have the bully pulpit. if you have a meeting with a group like the nra getting millions of more members every week, and they walk in a meeting an they're distrustful on what will go to the room, and is strong. rather than say we have a
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meeting and it's fine. it basically felt it was a prop. >> kimberly: not an accurate statement. they didn't bring in nra on good faith. >> andrea: they are viewed favorably the nra. i think they felt they were going to circumvent them and pressure to bring them in. >> bob: we talked about this after newtown and we said there were a wide variety of things to be considered. mental health, guns, series of other things. the movie violence. they invited in everybody in those categories if mental health to movie violence to the nra. i think shouldn't we not at least give biden and his recommendations a chance to be heard? that was the most inappropriate comment by the nra you could comment on.
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>> dana: they set it up that way because they're attacking each other in the media. >> andrea: it's also a question of the government role. kimberly, charles krauthammer had thought on what the role of government should be instead of maybebe what it's trying to be right now. >> the point of having a government in declaration is to secure the rights. in britain you have no such right. the government will control gun ownership. so unless you are willing to confiscate, which would be unconstitutional and call insurrection in the country, a australia did, these things won't have an effect except for the marches. that is the tragedy here. >> kimberly: he is right. what are they going to do? knock on doors an confiscate people's weapons? it would be insurrection. that won't happen. already the things they are suggesting would be abridgment of the second amendment. people are not going to tolerate it. these were rights fought for and carefully considered and put in books for good reason. >> bob: what are you
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suggesting, they draw the conclusion from? >> andrea: expand the registry. this is what they could do and probably to most important. ban the import of certain assault weapons if you buy them, or multiple ones. he could allow law enforcement agencies to confiscate more assault weapons an bolster the background check system. that is one of the recommendations liking to come out on tuesday. order law enforcement to be notified when someone fails a background check. how would this stop adam lanza? we went to get a gun, bob, but they denied -- they didn't deny him. he didn't want to wait for it. that doesn't fix the problem. >> bob: could, could, could. maybe you're right and maybe you're wrong. wait to find out what they're doing. >> kimberly: we are discussing what they floated out as possibilities, course of action they might take. that's what we're talking about. what do they intend to do and what is on the table. >> bob: fair point. >> kimberly: what are the proposals, talk about it and see if they make sense.
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>> bob: every administration♪s ideas out there to see how they do. they will have unusual allies. the police with them. they have other conservative groups that think it's a bad idea. i think you have to be careful before you have something as big as think -- i don't think they will try to confiscate guns. >> andrea: that is the word out there today that has gun owners, gun grabs, et cetera. but this also is making people nervous. eric, listen to eric holder in 1995. this is the reason why people are slightly nervous. >> what we need to do is change the way in which people think about guns. especially young people. make it something that is not cool, not acceptable. it's not hip to carry a gun. in the way we have changed our attitude about cigarettes. you know, when i was growing up, people smoked all the time. both my parents did. over time we changed the way
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in which people thought about smoking, so now we have people who cower outside of buildings apt spoke in private and don't want to admit it. >> andrea: all right. he is sake tag smoking used to be cool. when was it ever cool to commit a crime or shoot somebody? >> eric: this is what the obama administration -- allow me. this is what the obama administration does. remember when president obama, i think he was president at the time. he may have been running -- i think he was president at the time, early in the administration saying if you want to be a coal company or a new coal-fired power plant we will necessarily bankrupt you. steven chu says we have to brainwash the people to understand. we need to be like europe where $8 and $10 will change how you change your driving habits here. same mentality. let's brainwash people who don't agree with the administration stands for. what they stand for is liberal progressive clauses, which include increased gun laws. but i will qualify this, bob. i think biden and obama are doing the right thing by
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hearing all the sides right now. if they say we need "x," "y," zsthat brings on the second amendment we'll have the discussion. >> bob: selective editing of eric holder. he said trying to change the attitude about guns. >> eric: brainwash. his word. brainwash? >> bob: connected it to smoking. try to convince young people having guns -- >> kimberly: start with his buddies in hollywood, first, making of video games and everything. >> andrea: michael moore spoke up on the red car net and he voiced this suggestion. >> the short-term solution is we have to been a assault weapons and ban semi-automatic weapons and ban the magazines that hold more than ten bulle bullets. we should register every gun. we don't do it now. we should be licensing
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everybody with a gun. >> dana: the thing, when biden puts forward the recommendations, now tuesday, it will fall short of what people on the left want them to do and seem overbearing for some on the right. i have to say to a great number of people out there it will sound reasonable. obama has 56% approval rating. thatfies gravity, teflon. but they will be tested here because the thick that they have the intention. people who oppose it will have a harder time ahead of them. >> bob: michael moore for spokesman for the left. get this out of the collective heads. he does not speak for --be >> kimberly: we're sorry.
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>> andrea: it's somebody on the left naming somebody on the right. >> bob: not a spokesperson for the left. >> kimberly: he does talk a lot. >> dana: you say rush limbaugh is spokesperson on the right. >> bob: much moreen if the right than michael moore is. >> andrea: i doubt that. kimberly, get you in here one last time. isn't it hard when eric holder lectures people on gun, tying it to the domestic ownership. >> kimberly: i can't believe the hypocrisy. the cases he decided to take. if you look politically motivated, what he doesn't. far overreaching. over the vu individual rights. >> eric: in my one more thing i'll show you crime and gun ownership stats.
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>> andrea: don't miss that. following the recommendations coming out of the white house. right here on "the five." by the way, nra membership up 100,000. so no one is doing more i think to help fun rights than barack obama and joe biden. more people are buying guns. coming um, charles rangel is "embarrassed as hell" at the makeup of president obama's cabinet. yes, the congressman wants more minorities and more women. dem on dem violence when we come back. get ready. ♪ ♪
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>> kimberly: the white house is getting heat from democrats, supposed lack of diversity. today, president obama nominated jack lew to be his next treasury secretary. the third white male in a row selected by the president for position in his cabinet. where are the women? and the minoritys? in the cabinet of our liberal president? here is a congressman charles rangel thinks about that
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situation. >> it's embarrassing as hell. it could be the harvard people where people just know each other, trust each other and women and minorities don't get a chance to rub elbows. he had four years to work the bench. >> kimberly: "new york times" ran this photo showing the president with a group of all white men advising him in the oval office. the white house quickly snatched it and relesioned this 4info instead that has a much more diverse crowd of advisors. i'm with him on this. where are the women? where are the minoritys? they make every place better, right? >> bob: i'm a minority every day. >> kimberly: do you need a hug? >> eric: we have three smart women. greg got a flu shot. he has the flu. >> dana: but he has had it for three weeks.
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>> kimberly: another flu sandwich on top of it. >> eric: i am for government and business puppetting the most comp temp, capable person in the seat whether they're black, white, brown, lesbian, by, whatever. >> dana: dog owner. >> eric: that said, president obama, david axelrod, stephanie cutter and messina took a hatchet, chain saw massacre to the romney campaign over bounders. >> kimberly: remember that? >> eric: this man is nothing more or less than should be called the hypocrite in chief because of that. put the right people in. >> dana: i agree with you. they set themselves up from the cit terrorism their own side. i think the other cabinet
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position will go to women. but those complaining about the lack of diversity in the cabinet and women they are upset that barack obama beat hillary clinton in 2008. they wanted her to win the nomination. they are okay with president obama but hope she will leave the state department rest up and come back. >> andrea: it's a one man glass ceiling. but i don't think president obama did anything wrong. he has valerie jarret as trusted advisor. he wanted to nominate susan rice. i won't beat him up on this. he hates women, trying to take
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away the -- he said that romney caused cancer in one woman. the attacks were absurd. >> bob: there are 3,500 political appointees in the administration. in that neighborhood. i would bet you, i asked them for this but i didn't get an answer because i'm last in line to get answers. i bet there are more women appointees than any other administration. >> kimberly: talk about this. can i get a full screen up. women in the cabinet. look at this. obama, nine through his first term. george w. bush, ten. clinton, 17. oh, clinton is the winner again. >> andrea: why does it matter like eric said, it's about who is qualified. >> eric: that is unfair. put the full screen back up. put the full screen back up. nine through the first term. so if he, if valerie jarret
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leaves and soliz leaves and replace it with two more females. >> dana: elaine chow served for the entire eight years as the secretary of labor. >> bob: that is an unusual situation. >> kimberly: guys, this is just through the first term. >> andrea: don't you think it's more egregious that the women he had working for them were paid 18% less than the men? >> kimberly: yes. dry cleaning costs are more for women. >> andrea: he doesn't golf with women or play basketball with women. he doesn't surround himself with women. >> eric: one more point. one more quick point. put the full screen back up. one more time. one more point. is there any doubt that clinton had 17 women in his cabinet when bush and obama had -- >> kimberly: we waited for that? >> andrea: he had different projects. >> kimberly: sorry, bubba. coming up, father of the year. you go daddy!
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coming up, do americans have a right to see the pictures of usama bin laden's body? one court considering that question today. we'll debate it when we come right back. why don'tbe you stay with us. ♪ ♪ [ male announcer ] kids grow up in no time...
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♪ ♪ >> dana: should americans and the world for that matter be able to see the photograph of the dead body of usama bin laden? today the u.s. court of appeals in washington heard the arguments on that question. judicial watch which is a big conservative type of group, but they go after both sides wants images from the may 2001 raid and the burial of that
5:27 pm
raid, that resulted in it, to be made public. the government arguing they will be used to inplain tensions and fire retaliatory attacks, which i understand since they blamed a guy for making video to incite a violent protest that actually didn't ever happen. but beside the point. you actually -- i don't really feel the need to see the pictures. but people disagree with that. >> eric: i disagree. i like to see them. i want to see them. there are a bunch of people who lost their lives defending the freedoms that bin laden took away. if you are a traveler you have to take shoes off and go through security checks. thank bin laden. some of it has to do with him. i want to see the body. wanmake sure he is dead and see that he's gone. if it inflames muslims, sorry. we did it anyway and open up to it. see the body. >> dana: kimberly, do you think court are hearing this and thinking we need to worry about the national security or
5:28 pm
the first amendment and allowing the photographs to be seen? or do you think enough time has not passed? >> kimberly: this is something that is not good right now legal justification to withhold the photos from the american public. we pride ourselves on transparency. many courtrooms we have cameras. that's why we have the freedom of information act and separates us and distinguish us from other countries that don't do that. we're not north korea. >> dana: is there a security concern? bob, valid security concernbe if we showed the photograph of bin laden it could lead to more violence? >> kimberly: that could happen. >> bob: i took a cheap shot before. they are wonderful, excellent people. apologize guys, looking for a laugh. now, the -- >> kimberly: hilarious? >> bob: i thought it was. >> kimberly: knee-slaper. >> bob: i think there is a reason for this. i'm not sure i want the tape floating around exactly right now over there. particularly with the tensions
5:29 pm
going on in pakistan and egypt and between muslims themselves. i just don't see the need for it. you know -- >> kimberly: don't want to put troops in harm's way for sure. >> dana: one reason you want photographic evidence on certain things to put to rest any conspiracy theories. but that hasn't happened when it came to bin laden. military said and president obama made the announcement. most of the world rejoiced that had finally come to pass. felt more at peace because of it. not that many conspiracy theories of things that the military didn't carry through. >> andrea: there were a couple on random blogs after it happened. i don't want to make a perverse spectacle out of his death. but i was thinking about it today. i remember pictures of the ambassador stevens and how beat up he was. and i thought you know what? i do want to see the photos. i want to see the knowcos. they're terrible. i understand there is a fear about them inciting violence. i have news for you. i won't tiptoe around and i
5:30 pm
don't think the country should tiptoe around the radical islamists. they will try to kill us anyway video or no video. so i don't think we should just dance around and stifle our rights not to anger them or upset them. >> bob: my concern the most ally we have there is turkey. i would like to see nothing to tip that over or put people in harm's way. the conspiracy theer i have a good point. trusting the military. i meant the muslim country. >> eric: you said the most stable -- >> bob: obviously. >> dana: and our military. there are conspiracy theories about 9/11, one in the arab world that no jewish people went to work on 9/11.
5:31 pm
many this case, evenbe in the muslim world they were red doe see him goo. go. >> andrea: are they nutty enough to think there is a conspiracy theory? they'd say oh, those americans, think that this is enough -- >> eric: who is incited by the video is the far right saying how could you give him that funeral? >> dana: moving on to the next thing. we talked about "zero dark thirty" and it was one of the nominees. most others. anybody see it? >> bob: i'm outrage that one movie did not make the list. the "silence of the lambs" did not make it. >> dana: i thought you'd say
5:32 pm
"ted." >> bob: i haven't seen them. i only heard of "zero dark thirty." >> andrea: "lincoln" should be required material in every classroom across america. daniel day lewis is nominated for best actor. i'd listen to him read the phone book. >> bob: remember brian kilmeade said he thought it was a terrible movie. >> eric: he didn't like it. >> dana: another one i saw. cbs sunday morning clip of one of the young actresses nominated. this is one of america's great gems. wallace, on cbs sunday morning and nominated for independent film called "beast of the southern wild." look at this clip.
5:33 pm
>> tell me about hush puppy the character. do you know anybody like her? >> no. she doesn't wear pants, her hair is puffy. >> puffy? >> puffy. >> the buzz is you will get a nomination. >> i'm excited. not until i get it in front of me. >> she is the youngest. >> dana: youngest in this group. oldest is 85. i love this on oscar nomination season. i look at these now and i keep a list on my phone of the movies i want to see. "les mis" at the top of the list. >> andrea: "silver lining playbook." >> dana: i read "life of ph
5:34 pm
phi." >> andrea: everything bob says we assume is wrong. >> dana: everybody has assignments. see movies so the next time we can -- >> kimberly: i got them in the mail today. "silver lining." three so far. >> dana: bring them in. >> kimberly: exposed! from before. >> dana: coming up, couple of days at school bus stop in pennsylvania. 70 kids parents involved in back-to-back brawls. what are they fighting over and what authorities doing to make sure it doesn't happen again? we'll tell you next on "the five." ♪ ♪
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i'm bret baier in washington. the big story here, vice president biden meeting with pro-gun group as part of the task force to reduce violence from firearms. tonight on "special report," biden listens to representative of sporting and gun organizations, including the nra and says common ground can be found. nra released a statement to call it disappointing. there was another school shooting today at a rural high school in california. that state has some of toughest gun laws in the nation. with will take a look. president nominated jack lew as the treasury secretary. it has been met with vigorous opposition by some on capitol hill. we'll have report and analysis from brit hume. 14 died in boston and 18 in
5:40 pm
state of massachusetts as the nationwide flu outbreak continues. we have a live report. "special report" starts at 6:00 eastern. now back to new york and my colleagues with "the five." ♪ ♪ >> eric: welcome back. i've been asking the question is american culture in declin decline. first up, scott thompson, english teacher is accused of pulling the flag off the wall and stomping on it in front of students feoffment speech or is american culture in decline. bob, taking the flag off the wall, stomping on it in front of kids? >> bob: it's terrible. i think there are laws against
5:41 pm
defacing a flag. not sure that he is not in that territory. to do it in front of kids, i'm not sure what the point was. he said it's cloth. it's more than cloth. represents a lot of thing. >> kimberly: fire him. this is outrageous. i would be so angry i would literally protest and sit at the school every day. >> eric: you have won't have to do that. i called and spoke to gentleman name mark bounds with the district, chapin south carolina high school and they did. terminated him today. on the administrative leave. 20-brother veteran of the army who said -- 20-year veteran of the army said he did it in school. he would have thought to the death for him to do outside of school but in school made the difference. free speech or wrong? >> andrea: he has the right to do it sadly. but it doesn't make it right. in a public school if he is defacing it, the teachers not
5:42 pm
supposed to share their opinion. this is a known liberal. he asked why he did it a parent said why did you do it? he responded, "i don't know." >> dana: that is another reason to fire him. he has terrible judgment. he doesn't sound like he is a -- >> kimberly: how is this okay? we'll continue to erode what is okay in the classroom? this is education. >> bob: most liberal teaches would not stomp on flags. >> eric: but this gentleman said he brought his bias, personal bias -- i'm quoting. his personal bias in the classroom, that is where he overstepped the bounds. check this out. parents and students in a public brawl. we are seeing these videos. are we seeing more of these because of youtube and the internet or is american culture in decline? >> kimberly: it's in decline in some respects. sure, you have more people
5:43 pm
recording these things. perhaps that is feeding the fire. where essentially, i want the videotape. on youtube. have my 15 seconds up to maximum of 15 max of fame. it's very, very sad. no respect. this violence is senseless. >> eric: thoughts? >> andrea: i don't think the two things are mutually exclusive. we are seeing more because people record it. they think they can get famous and get twitter followers. they can get the attention. i think the culture is decaying. for many reasons which we have talked about here. breakdown of the family, et cetera. >> dana: my parents were too busy to accompany me to the bus stop and have a fight. i never hit anybody in my life. i've never fought. i don't understand -- >> kimberly: you fight with your eyes. >> dana: you use your brain and you use your emotion, you keep your emotion in check so you don't get bob riled up.
5:44 pm
>> eric: what do you do when you get mad? >> andrea: you know, eric. >> bob: what disturbing me about this, you notice all the people are black. i think it does feed to the stereotype of inner city blacks. i frankly wish, i'm sure there are videos out there of white people rioting, too. i think the problem i have with this -- >> eric: we played them. we had, we have done a couple of segments on -- i remember, there is two women. white daughters fighting each other. fighting each other -- >> bob: okay. i understand that, i'm just saying my opinion of it is -- >> eric: is your opinion that we are doing something wrong by showing this fight? >> bob: no. i said -- >> eric: people are black. >> bob: no, to me the second i saw it fed in a stereotype. >> eric: what fed in? the fought we brought this -- >> bob: maybe because i'm lefty and we're sensitive to it. >> andrea: fighting knows no racial boundary. i went to a high school and there were tons of white --
5:45 pm
>> bob: i'm giving my thoughts. >> eric: next time we do segment of american culture in decline we'll focus on white people for you. >> bob: thank you. would be helpful. >> eric: colorado becoming the party state shifts the focus from legalizing marijuana to legalizing underage drinking. a lawmaker's proposal to lower drinking age to 18 but there's a catch. ♪ ♪
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♪ ♪ >> bob: would you buy alcohol for your kid in a bar or restaurant? a colorado lawmaker republican for that matter is trying to get the drinking age lowered there to 18 if your parents write you a note like they did to the principal saying johnny can go -- >> kimberly: no, bob. >> bob: state senator is introducing the bill. >> kimberly: that was totally wrong. >> eric: no. >> there may be somebody that don't like it.
5:50 pm
i have to ask you, if you are trusted to vote, trusted to carry a weapon in the service of your country why can't we trust you to buy a beer at the bar? showing them a responsible way to consume alcohol is an important part of growing up. >> bob: let me give you an answer to that right away. we know from enormous amount of research that younger people drink more. and you might be able to carry a gun and may be able to vote. but you drink at that age and you are going to increase the number of people who will dry because they will get drunk and get behind the wheels of cars. not a good idea. it feeds drinking habits earlier than it should be fed and it will lead to a lot of dead people and alcoholics. eric? >> eric: this is a tough one for me. dana asked me before the show where i am on that. i agree with the state senator. if you are capable, willing, able, and qualified to risk your life and give your life for the country you should be able to have your beer on the
5:51 pm
way to doing it or while you're doing that. that said, i'll still against legalizing pot. >> bob: would you approve a letter for your kid to drink at 18? >> kimberly: it's not a letter. it's in public. >> eric: if he is 14 and old enough and responsible enough to drink with me at this age. but that is me. i don't do it, though. >> dana: one of the arguments is they are going to be drinking anyway. in addition to you can fight for your country and vote, binge drinking is a huge problem among younger people, the age between 18 and the 2 fo22for lots of reasons so maybe it teaches responsibility for handling alcohol in a mature way. i don't know if i buy that. >> bob: the law says with permission of your parents. >> andrea: okay, i walk in a restaurant with a woman or man that is my dad. you don't think that can happen? my dad says i can drink.
5:52 pm
if it is your parents, i don't think 18-year-old want to drink with their parents. >> eric: in europe there are no drinking age, higher incidences of alcoholism -- >> dana: bring drinking -- >> kimberly: i think you the right approach. i do. it's a good --be if you are going be able to die for your country and give your life, have a beer. >> kimberly: european countries with vodka, yes. >> dana: the businesses worry about the liability situation. say you are a 22-year-old waitress or waiter and you have an 18-year-old there with their dad or whatever, and then you serve them alcohol and something happens like the restaurant association are worried because the laws federally are not, are 21, they are worried that if it changes on the one part then colorado will be right back in the situation they are with the pot. >> bob: there are sugar daddies under that case. >> andrea: doesn't it smell fishy a lawmaker comes out -- there is not a big tween lobby in this state. it's like is the liequer
5:53 pm
industry pushing him to do this? >> dana: he said he went to dinner with his daughter. >> bob: one more thing is up next! ♪ ♪ [ male announcer ] don't just reject convention. drown it out. introducing e all-new 2013 lexus ls f sport. an entirely new pursuit. but, dad, you've got... [ voice of dennis ] allstate. with accident forgiveness, they guarantee your rates won't go up just because of an accident. smart kid. [ voice of dennis ] indeed. are you in good hands?
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♪ ♪ >> andrea: time for one more thing. eric, kick it off. >> eric: i went to the
5:57 pm
f.b.i. websites. this is all about guns. people say more guns, reason for violent crime is guns. look at the number. from the f.b.i. website, between 1992-2011, 20 years of data, murders and violent crimes have gone down by 49% each. 15 years of those, 1994, 192 million fire arms and 2,009,310,000,000 fire arms. doubling the fire arms. number of firearms went up and violent crime and murders went down. you have can't say guns cause violent crime. >> bob: so the it's more guns, less crime, not good police work? >> dana: or the opposite is not true. mine is also important. chief of staff jac jack lew was nominated as the secretary of treasury. a let of question about his signature. this is a grown man. this is his signature, doesn't
5:58 pm
resemble anything. president obama had a great joke about it today. bob and i were talking today, i realize bob was eating his lunch where the signature came from. checkbe this out. this is what bob eats for lunch. >> kimberly: that is why we have healthy snacks. okay. now we have a cute video here. if bill maher pays up. >> we have a new rule that suppose perhaps trump had been the spawn of his mother having sex with an orangutan. unless he comes up with proof, i am willing to offer $5 million to donald trump -- if he will come, that he can donate to a charity of his choice. >> kimberly: pay up. guess what, what did trump do?
5:59 pm
he had his lawyer right away. send et over. provide the proof he is in fact the son of fred trump. now what are you going to do? put your money where your mouth is. good one. >> andrea: do you believe in angels? i do. these pictures will make you believe. up with of the makeup artist here who is sweet and spiritual visiting the town next to sandy hook. they wouldn't let her stop in sandy hook. she drove by. look at this, this looks like an angel. it's over sandy hook. uncanny. this replaced it a few moments after at dusk. a bright light that did not come off the wind shield we will post it on "the five." but it will give you chills. >> bob: that is terrific. i believe in angels. that is more proof. major league baseball hall of fame, only the second time in 42 years did not induct anybody in the hall of fame. once again, people like sammy sosa,


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